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I have moved into my dorm and I am now my third week into classes. Life goes by fast, especially in college. I am enjoying it. I want to update daily.

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I'm spending my nights watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I'm planning my backpacking trip to Europe next summer. I'm thinking about sleeping under an African sky. I want to travel to India. I guess we shall see where everything will flow...

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perhaps it is time for antoher update on life.

i decided to stay at my college in va for spring break. i'm just chilling in my apartment.

i got a new apartment...i love the girls who are here, they allow me to easily escape from life and mainstream religion. they are real. they are so different than most of the fake girls at liberty. 

it's spring break and i am six weeks away from summer. i am going to go on a road trip to az and cali this summer! i'm so excited. then i am going to fly back to nc and pick up my new car, and drive to denver colorado to live there for the summer.

life is rather radical at the moment, and i love it...so I am just going to enjoy the break while it's here because after 6 weeks of preparing for finals and writing terms papers, az and cali, denver, jungle camp...I'll be back in school...so this is a true break, hah.

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life updates:

i am back at college.

the school work is tough. i am taking 18 hours, so i suck

i have been extremely mellow happy (it's the type of happy that is not so annoying)

i am taking guitar lessons

i am a tesl tutor. it means i tutor people who do knot know english, which is exciting, because my students are from india and nepal

i am also part of a lot of other ministries.

life is just happening and i am part of it. sometimes, i think being way too busy will drain me, but it's helping me cope with the winter time and just embrace people. because, i just love people and hanging out with people

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without my friends back at college, I am useless. 

I need something new, something exciting...

I am 19-years-old...so young and incapable of handling much.

sorry I do not write much...I lack time and grace...

If only I knew what I wanted, and just how to get what I wanted.

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 perfect freshman college experience: 

i will be in coffee house (it's a talent show at liberty) playing in a hippie circle from the band called mewithoutYou

so perfect for my christian college haha

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 my heart hurts. 

this guy thinks i am incredible and i just have low self esteem. if i could just break this wall...

i'm going to denver, colorado this summer to live if i could just fill out this application. pray i get the job.